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Shotgun Holsters

Discover the best shotgun holsters available in this comprehensive product roundup. Featuring top-rated options for various needs and budgets, this article will help you find the perfect holster for your shotgun collection.

Discover the best shotgun holsters available in this comprehensive product roundup. Featuring top-rated options for various needs and budgets, this article will help you find the perfect holster for your shotgun collection.

Discover the perfect way to safeguard your trusty shotgun with our roundup of the best shotgun holsters. In this article, we explore the top options that cater to different needs and preferences, from concealed carry to open-carry solutions. Whether you’re a hunter, competitive sports shooter, or a personal defense enthusiast, our selection of premium holsters will ensure your shotgun stays secure and within easy reach.

We delve into essential factors to consider when choosing the right shotgun holster, such as fit, comfort, durability, and ease of use. Read on to find the ideal holster that suits your specific requirements, enhances your firearm’s performance, and contributes to your overall satisfaction and sense of security. Our goal is to provide detailed, informative content to aid you in selecting the best possible shotgun holster for your individual needs.

The Top 7 Best Shotgun Holsters

  1. DeSantis Gunhide Veiled Partner OWB Kydex Holster for Hellcat/Hellcat OSP - The DeSantis Gunhide #195, Veiled Partner OWB Belt Holster, offers a sleek, durable design for quick and secure access to your Hellcat or Hellcat OSP in an OWB format.

  2. Ambi IWB Holster for FN 509/510/545 - Crucial Concealment IWB Holster - Optimal Comfort & Concealment for FN 509/510/545 Ambi, Adjustable Cant & Retention, Compatible with Optics.

  3. Desantis Super Fly Pocket Holster for Sig P365 & XL - Experience unrivaled grip and concealment with the Desantis Super Fly Pocket Holster, designed for Sig P365 and P365 XL models with exclusive sticky rubberized fabric for unmatched stability and a low friction draw for seamless deployment.

  4. Browning Buck Mark Pistol Holster with Magazine Pouch - Browning Buck Mark Pistol Holster with Magazine Pouch is a comfortable, adjustable, and secure retention option for storing and protecting your Buck Mark pistol and extra magazine, featuring durable ballistic nylon and a rubberized Buckmark patch.

  5. Galco Outdoorsman Single-Action Revolver Belt Holster for Right-Handed Users - Experience the Galco Outdoorsman Single-Action Holster - adjustable, stylish, and reliable, perfect for adventurers who cherish the freedom of the great outdoors.

  6. Browning Buckmark Scope Holster - Discover the versatile Browning 12902011 Buckmark Holster, Scope - the perfect balance of performance and reliability for your outdoor adventures, tailored for those who value efficiency and precision.

  7. Black Nylon Holster for Charles Daly Honcho Firearms - The Charles Daly Honcho Holster offers a secure and convenient solution for transporting your Honcho firearm, featuring a black nylon construction, adjustable removable nylon web sling, and compatibility with all Honcho firearms (except mag-fed).

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DeSantis Gunhide Veiled Partner OWB Kydex Holster for Hellcat/Hellcat OSP


I recently invested in a DeSantis Gunhide #195 to complement my Hellcat. I have to say, I’m beyond impressed with how this Outside Waist Band (OWB) holster delivers on both comfort and performance. The sleek black design is perfect for my aesthetic preferences, and the Kydex construction ensures durability and a secure fit for my Hellcat.

One unique feature that I especially appreciate is the adjustable cant, which allows me to position the barrel of my firearm at the optimal angle for a swift draw. The 1 1/2 and 1 ¾ inch belt loops are a nice touch, ensuring a snug fit that won’t compromise my concealed carry while also providing easy access when needed.

The adjustable tension is another highlight, granting me complete control over the amount of resistance the holster applies on my Hellcat, making it perfect for any situation that may arise, whether it be at the range or in real-life scenarios. But it’s not all positive. One minor drawback I’ve experienced with this holster is that it can be a bit bulky, even with its slim design, which might be a concern for some users looking for a more compact solution.

In conclusion, the DeSantis Gunhide #195 is a reliable and comfortable OWB holster tailor-made for the Springfield Armory Hellcat. With its sturdy construction, adjustable features, and easy-to-use design, this holster has definitely earned its spot as a go-to option for Hellcat and Hellcat OSP owners.

Ambi IWB Holster for FN 509/510/545


I’ve been using the “Covert IWB Holster” for a few months now, and I must say, it has become my go-to choice for carrying my FN 509, 510, and 545. The adjustable cant feature really stands out, allowing me to position my weapon at just the right angle for a comfortable draw. Plus, the holster is optic compatible, which means I can carry my sighted weapon with ease.

One thing I particularly love about this holster is how adjustable the retention is. I can set the retention level to my liking, ensuring a secure fit that gives me peace of mind. However, what I found a little troublesome was the lack of left-hand compatibility - it seems to cater more towards right-hand users.

Overall, the minimalistic design and the effective concealment make the Crucial Concealment IWB FN 509/510/545 Ambi Blk holster a great option for carrying your weapon within the waistband. Its lightweight, adjustable features make it versatile and comfy to wear, but the lack of left-hand compatibility may seem disappointing for some users like me.

Desantis Super Fly Pocket Holster for Sig P365 & XL


I recently got my hands on the DeSantis Super Fly Pocket Holster and I must say, it has been a game-changer for me. It’s made from this exclusive sticky rubberized fabric that’s even stickier than the Nemesis. The removable, reversible outer flap is an excellent addition as it further disguises the firearm.

One thing that really stood out to me was how secure this holster is. It will not move an inch in your pocket, no matter how much you move around. The inside is made of slick pack cloth which makes for a low friction draw, but it’s also reinforced with added polymer in strategic places for extra durability.

The design allows you to carry your weapon either in the front or back pocket, depending on your preference. This versatility is definitely a plus point. However, one downside I found was the size of the holster. While it fits most of my cargo pants and shorts perfectly, there were a few occasions where it didn’t fit as comfortably as I’d like.

All things considered though, I believe the DeSantis Super Fly Pocket Holster is a great option for anyone seeking a reliable pocket holster. It may not be perfect for everyone but it certainly gets the job done. Highly recommended!

Browning Buck Mark Pistol Holster with Magazine Pouch


I recently purchased the Browning Buck Mark Pistol Holster with Magazine Pouch to house my trusty Buck Mark pistol. I’ve been using it for a few weeks now and I have to say, I’m quite pleased with my purchase. The holster is made of strong ballistic nylon, which not only feels durable but also provides a comfortable grip on my weapon. The molded polymer frame adds an extra layer of protection against scratches and abrasions, ensuring that my beloved pistol stays in pristine condition.

One of my favorite features of this holster is the adjustable web strap. It’s incredibly easy to adjust, allowing me to find the perfect fit for my specific needs. I also appreciate the inclusion of the magazine pouch; it provides easy access to additional ammo when I need it most. Additionally, the built-in belt loop ensures that the holster stays securely in place while I’m on the move.

However, there is one minor issue I’ve encountered. The holster is slightly longer than necessary for my particular pistol, leaving some extra space that could potentially lead to more debris accumulating inside. Despite this minor inconvenience, the overall quality and functionality of the Browning Buck Mark Pistol Holster with Magazine Pouch make it a worthwhile investment for any Buck Mark pistol owner.

Galco Outdoorsman Single-Action Revolver Belt Holster for Right-Handed Users


As an avid outdoorsman, I’ve tried multiple holsters for my single-action revolver, but none compare to the Galco Sao Single Action Outdoorsman Holster. The first thing that strikes you about this holster is its classic design and high-quality leather construction. It’s worn strongside or crossdraw, depending on your preference, providing easy access to your revolver in those crucial moments when you need it most.

One feature I particularly appreciate is the adjustable tension unit, which ensures a perfect fit for my revolver and allows me to customize the draw tension. Additionally, the holster is compatible with belts up to 1 3/4”, providing versatility for various belt options. However, a word of caution: this holster is not compatible with optics, so keep that in mind when purchasing.

Overall, the Galco Sao Single Action Outdoorsman Holster offers a perfect blend of style, functionality, and quality craftsmanship. It’s my go-to holster for all of my outdoor adventures, keeping my revolver secure and effortless to access when I need it most. Despite its minor downsides, like the lack of optics compatibility, I highly recommend this holster to anyone seeking a reliable and attractive solution for carrying their single-action revolver.

Browning Buckmark Scope Holster


As a reviewer who recently got the chance to try out the Browning 12902011 Buckmark Holster, Scope, it’s been quite an experience. . The best part about this piece is how perfectly it fits my Browning pistol, making it incredibly easy to carry around. .

However, the design could use some improvement in the aesthetic department; it’s not exactly a looker, to put it mildly. . All in all, it does its job well, but I can’t help but wish for something that looks better while doing so. . Overall, it’s functional and reliable, but it doesn’t score high on the style quotient. .

Black Nylon Holster for Charles Daly Honcho Firearms


I’ve been toting my Charles Daly Honcho around in this sleek black nylon holster - and I must say, it’s been a game-changer! The adjustable and removable nylon web sling is just the right balance of convenience and secure holding power. No more juggling or fumbling when an opportunity for a quick draw arises!

One of the best things about this holster is how versatile it is - it isn’t just limited to slinging the trusty Honcho on my back. Whether you’re strapping it onto your backpack or finding another safe and useful spot to store your shotgun, the holster offers protection from dirt, sand, and weather while keeping your weapon accessible at all times.

Now, there is one minor hitch - it doesn’t play nice with the 410 shells. But hey, nothing’s perfect, right? And considering how well this holster performs in other aspects, investing in another one to suit your specific needs would still be worth it. Just remember to check compatibility before adding it to your collection!

Buyer’s Guide

Introducing Shotgun Holsters

A good shotgun holster is essential for securely holding and quickly accessing your shotgun during hunting or tactical situations. The right shotgun holster can provide comfort, reliability, and convenience in a variety of settings. This guide outlines some key features to consider when choosing a shotgun holster that suits your needs.


Shotgun Holsters-2

The material of a shotgun holster can influence its durability, weight, and comfort. Look for holsters made from high-quality leather, nylon, or synthetic materials to ensure long-lasting use and protection for your shotgun.

Retention System

Retention systems hold your shotgun safely in place and can vary depending on the type of holster. Some common retention systems include thumb breaks, snap closures, Velcro straps, and automatic tension systems. Choose a holster with a reliable retention system to ensure your shotgun stays securely in place.

Carry Position

Consider how you want to carry your shotgun by choosing a holster that accommodates your desired position. Common carry positions include high-ride, cross-draw, shoulder-mounted, and thigh-mounted holsters. Your choice will depend on personal preference, ease of access, and comfort during extended periods.


Ensure that the shotgun holster you choose is compatible with your specific firearm model. Manufacturers often provide lists of compatible models for each of their holsters, so research thoroughly before making a purchase.

Shotgun Holsters-3

Level of Comfort

Comfort is crucial when choosing a shotgun holster, as you may wear it for extended periods. Look for holsters with cushioned, contoured designs or adjustable straps to provide a customizable, comfortable fit for your body shape.

Access and Ease of Use

The purpose of a shotgun holster is to allow quick access to your firearm during emergencies. Look for holsters with easy-to-use release mechanisms, swivel capabilities, and adjustable tension systems to ensure seamless, efficient access when you need it most.


If concealment is a priority for you, choose a shotgun holster designed for concealed carry. Some models feature low-profile designs, closures, and materials that help keep your firearm hidden while allowing quick access.

Weather Proofing

Shotgun Holsters-4

If you frequently use your shotgun in harsh weather conditions, consider a weather-resistant holster. Some models are fully waterproof or constructed from materials that protect against water, dust, and UV damage, ensuring your shotgun remains safe and functional in any environment.

Brand and Price

While not the most important factor, choosing a well-known brand and considering your budget can contribute to your satisfaction with your shotgun holster. Research customer reviews and brand reputation to ensure you invest in a high-quality, reliable holster that meets your needs and budget.


What is a shotgun holster?

A shotgun holster is a specially designed case or holder for securely storing, carrying, and protecting a shotgun when not in use. It helps keep your shotgun organized, easily accessible, and prevents it from getting scratched or damaged.

Shotgun Holsters-5

Why would I need a shotgun holster?

A shotgun holster is essential for responsible gun ownership and storage. It ensures safety by keeping the weapon away from unauthorized users, and it maintains the condition of your shotgun by protecting it from dust, moisture, and other environmental elements. Additionally, a holster makes it easier to carry the shotgun when outdoors.

What are the different types of shotgun holsters?

There are various types of shotgun holsters available, including side-saddle, pouch, tactical, and concealed carry holsters. Side-saddle holsters attach directly to the firearm and are mounted on the side of the gun, while pouch holsters are similar but require the use of a strap or Velcro to attach to the weapon. Tactical holsters are designed for quick and easy access and often feature Level II or III retention systems to prevent unauthorized use. Concealed carry holsters are worn on the body and may have a low-profile design for discreet carrying.

How do I choose the right shotgun holster?

When selecting a shotgun holster, consider factors such as the size and model of your shotgun, your intended use (hunting, shooting sports, home defense, etc. ), and your personal preferences for concealment and comfort. It’s also important to choose a holster made from high-quality materials that provide durability, protection, and secure storage for your firearm.

How do I properly clean and maintain my shotgun holster?

Shotgun Holsters-6

Maintaining your shotgun holster is essential to ensuring its longevity and optimal performance. Regularly inspect the holster for signs of wear and tear, and clean it with a damp cloth to remove any dirt or debris. If your holster is made from leather, apply a leather conditioner to keep it soft and supple. Ensure that the retention mechanism for your shotgun is functioning correctly and adjust it as needed for snug and secure storage.

What safety features should I look for in a shotgun holster?

A good shotgun holster should have strong retention and locking mechanisms to prevent unauthorized access, as well as a secure and comfortable fit to prevent the weapon from falling out during use or transport. Some tactical holsters also feature Level II or III retention systems, which include features like thumb breaks or rotating hoods to further enhance safety and security.

Can I attach other accessories to my shotgun holster?

It depends on the specific holster model and design. Some holsters allow for the attachment of accessories such as flashlights, lasers, or magazine pouches, while others have a minimalist design that prioritizes concealment and a low-profile appearance. Be sure to check the manufacturer’s specifications and guidelines for adding accessories to your holster.

How do I properly store my shotgun when using a holster?

When storing your shotgun with a holster, be sure to follow all applicable firearms storage laws and guidelines in your area. Always ensure that the weapon is unloaded, and keep it in a secure location away from children or unauthorized users. Additionally, store the firearm in a climate-controlled environment to prevent damage from moisture or extreme temperatures. Properly securing your shotgun when not in use is essential for ensuring the safety of yourself and others.

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