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Universal Gun Holsters

Universal Gun Holsters" is a comprehensive product guide examining various adjustable and customizable holster options designed to fit multiple firearm models and make carrying concealed more convenient and secure. Discover the perfect solution for your concealed carry needs.

Universal Gun Holsters" is a comprehensive product guide examining various adjustable and customizable holster options designed to fit multiple firearm models and make carrying concealed more convenient and secure. Discover the perfect solution for your concealed carry needs.

Gun holsters, an essential accessory for any civilian or law enforcement officer, need to be comfortable, durable, and secure. Look no further! This article explores the best Universal Gun Holsters on the market, offering a roundup of high-quality options to suit your needs and preferences. In the following paragraphs, we will dive into each product’s features, price, and what sets it apart from the rest, ensuring you’re well-equipped for your day-to-day responsibilities. Stay tuned and feel free to comment below with your own experiences and favorite picks.

The Top 5 Best Universal Gun Holsters

  1. Alien Gear Adjustable Holster for Multiple Gun Models - The Alien Gear Grip Tuck Universal Holster offers secure, customized storage for your favorite handgun, boasting versatile compatibility with multiple firearms and a comfortable, easy-to-clean design.

  2. RangeMaxx Shoulder Gun Holster for 4.5’ and Glock 17 - Right-Hand - Comfortable and durable RangeMaxx Shoulder Gun Holster, adjustable for the perfect fit and protective padding for your Glock 17, crafted with high-quality 100% nylon and proudly made in the USA.

  3. VersaCarry Guardian OWB Holster for 1911 pistols - The Versacarry Guardian OWB Holster offers superior comfort and concealment with its premium water buffalo leather design, perfect for protecting your compact, full-sized, or 1911-style handgun with a customized fit and right-handed draw.

  4. Slicker Pistol Holster: Comfort and Concealment - Discover Slicker, the universal pistol holster for secure chest and leg mounting, providing concealed protection and comfort.

  5. The product title for the Alien Gear Grip Tuck Universal Holster should be “Ultra-Comfortable and Adjustable IWB Holster”. - The Alien Gear Grip Tuck is a versatile, compact holster that offers a secure fit for various firearms, adapting to ride height and cant angle, while providing a comfortable and secure storage or concealed carry option.

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Alien Gear Adjustable Holster for Multiple Gun Models


My experience with the Alien Gear Grip Tuck Universal Holster has been quite pleasant, especially as someone who often needs to conceal carry. The holster’s adaptability stands out - fitting multiple types of firearms without needing separate holsters for each is incredibly convenient. Additionally, the neoprene design makes it super comfortable to wear inside the waistband.

The textured outer material provides excellent grip, ensuring the holster stays securely in place even during movement. Its compatibility with various pistols through a front slide cutout is a bonus too. It’s incredibly easy to clean as well - whether you choose to hand wash and air dry, or use a gentle cycle and low heat setting.

However, the one minor downside I’ve found is that the trigger guard could use a bit more protection. But overall, this holster has made concealed carrying much more comfortable and practical.

RangeMaxx Shoulder Gun Holster for 4.5’ and Glock 17 - Right-Hand


The RangeMaxx Shoulder Gun Holster is a comfortable and convenient solution for firearm aficionados seeking a secure and adjustable carry option. With a fully adjustable harness and straps, this shoulder holster ensures a perfect fit for your 1911 or Glock 17. The plush padding safeguards your handgun from damage, while the 100% nylon construction offers durability and flexibility to accommodate various body types. Made in the USA, this holster boasts a stylish black color and right-hand orientation, making it an ideal addition to your hunting or OWB gear.

During my time using this holster, I found the adjustable features quite beneficial in achieving a precise and secure fit for my Glock 17. The holster’s padding provided ample protection for my firearm, and the quick-release strap contributed to a swift and effortless draw. However, one drawback I noticed was the strap placement over the grip safety, which may be less than ideal for some users when carrying in condition one.

Overall, the RangeMaxx Shoulder Gun Holster offers a cost-effective and functional solution for concealed carry that caters to various handgun models and body types. Its comfortable design and adjustability provide a secure and customizable fit for prolonged use and active pursuits. Despite some minor drawbacks, this shoulder holster remains a solid choice for those in search of a reliable and affordable concealed carry option.

VersaCarry Guardian OWB Holster for 1911 pistols


I’ve recently had the opportunity to try out the VersaCarry Guardian OWB Holster, and it’s quickly become one of my favorite accessories. Its comfortable, ergonomic design, combined with its high-quality leather material, makes it an excellent choice for those seeking a reliable holster for their pistol.

One notable feature of this holster is its forward cant, which not only helps to conceal your gun effectively but also streamlines the draw process. Additionally, the raised protective backing adds an extra layer of reassurance, as it shields both you and your firearm from potential damage.

Despite some initial stiffness, the break-in time for this holster is impressively quick, which is a testament to the craftsmanship and high-quality materials used in its construction. The VersaCarry Guardian OWB Holster is available in different sizes to accommodate various handguns and is backed by a lifetime warranty, making it an even more appealing option.

In conclusion, the VersaCarry Guardian OWB Holster has exceeded my expectations in terms of comfort, functionality, and durability. Its unique design and top-notch construction make it a worthwhile investment for any firearms enthusiast.

Slicker Pistol Holster: Comfort and Concealment


I decided to give the Slicker Pistol holster a try, hoping to finally find a comfortable and concealable solution to protect my weapon while out on the trails. To my surprise, this little holster has been a game changer!

The first thing I noticed was how adaptable it is - whether I wanted to wear it around my chest or leg, the straps made it super easy and comfortable. The material used is lightweight but sturdy enough to keep my weapon securely in place, even during those unexpected falls or scuffles.

One thing I really appreciated was the ability to adjust the fit according to my body type. No more squeezing into tight holsters! And let’s not forget about that sleek vanishing tan color, which blends right in with my outdoorsy gear.

Now, there are a few cons I should mention. Some users reported that it doesn’t hold up well under extreme use, so if you’re planning on going on an epic adventure, maybe consider investing in a more heavy-duty holster.

Also, while this holster does a great job at concealing your weapon, it’s not necessarily suitable for those looking for a traditional concealed carry solution.

Overall, I would definitely recommend the Slicker Pistol holster for anyone seeking a comfortable and versatile way to carry their weapon on their outdoor escapades. The combination of the chest and leg mounting options and the sleek design make it a winner in my book!

The product title for the Alien Gear Grip Tuck Universal Holster should be “Ultra-Comfortable and Adjustable IWB Holster”.


I recently got a chance to try out the Alien Gear Grip Tuck Universal Holster Double Stack Compact Right Hand, and I must say it’s quite an interesting product. Unlike traditional holsters that are designed for specific gun models, this one is built to accommodate an entire class of firearms. With its less rigid neoprene design, it fits perfectly in my waistband as an Inside the waistband (IWB) holster. The outer material of the holster has a grippy texture that helps to hold it in place, especially when I need to draw my firearm quickly.

One of the features that impressed me the most is the adjustable ride height and cant angle, which can be customized according to my preference. The shell of the holster, made from high-density neoprene, is both soft and dense. This makes it comfortable to wear and also ensures the trigger cannot be manipulated through the fabric.

However, there is a couple of things that didn’t quite meet my expectations. The product is not as versatile as advertised. For instance, it doesn’t fit all the pistol models it claims to. Plus, the texture of the outer material is quite harsh. Overall, the Alien Gear Grip Tuck Universal Holster is a decent product, but it could use some improvements in terms of compatibility and comfort.

Buyer’s Guide

Universal Gun Holsters-2

Important Features

When considering a universal gun holster, several features are crucial to ensuring comfort and safety in use. These include:

  • Adjustable Fit: Look for a holster that can be adjusted to fit your specific firearm model. This ensures a snug fit and secure hold on the weapon at all times.

  • Retention System: A strong retention system keeps the gun in place, preventing it from falling out or being snatched away during use.

  • Concealment Design: Many people prefer holsters that allow for discreet carrying of their weapon. Consider a model with a design that minimizes visibility and helps keep your weapon concealed.

  • Comfort: As you’ll be wearing the holster for extended periods, comfort is key. Make sure the holster has a comfortable lining and padding to reduce pressure on your hip area.


Before purchasing a universal gun holster, consider:

  • Inside or Outside Waistband (IWB or OWB): Some prefer to wear their holster on the inside of their waistband for concealment, while others prefer the outside for easier access. Consider which option suits your needs best.

  • Material: Choose a holster made from durable materials like leather, Kydex, or nylon, which are known for their strength and longevity.

  • Sizing: Make sure to accurately measure your waist size and select a holster that fits comfortably and securely.

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General Advice

In addition to these features and considerations, follow these general tips when purchasing a universal gun holster:

  • Shop from reputable sellers offering quality products and good customer service.

  • Read reviews from other customers to gauge their satisfaction with the product.

  • Seek expert advice if you’re unsure about what type of holster is right for you or your specific firearm.


Universal Gun Holsters-4

What are universal gun holsters?

Universal gun holsters are designed to fit a wide variety of handguns from different manufacturers. These holsters are versatile and can accommodate multiple firearms, offering convenience and flexibility to gun owners who own multiple handguns.

Why should I use a universal gun holster?

The main benefits of using a universal gun holster are adaptability and cost-efficiency. If you own multiple handguns, investing in a single, versatile holster can save you money compared to buying individual holsters for each firearm. Additionally, universal holsters offer flexibility, as they can accommodate various gun models from different manufacturers.

Universal Gun Holsters-5

Which factors should I consider when choosing a universal gun holster?

  • Comfort: Ensure that the holster is comfortable to wear and does not cause irritation or discomfort during extended periods of use.

  • Retention: The holster should securely hold your handgun in place and prevent accidental dislodging or falling out.

  • Accessibility: The holster should provide quick and easy access to your handgun for a timely draw, while also ensuring safe handling.

  • Build quality: Choose a holster made from high-quality materials that are durable and weather-resistant, ensuring longevity and performance.

What type of materials are used in making universal gun holsters?

Universal gun holsters are typically made from materials such as leather, Kydex, nylon, or a combination of these materials. Each type of material has its advantages in terms of durability, comfort, and weight, so consider your preferences and specific needs when choosing a holster.

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Can I wear a universal gun holster in a concealed manner?

Yes, many universal gun holsters are designed for concealed carry. Look for options that provide adjustable retention, secure fit, and appropriate concealment methods such as IWB (inside-the-waistband) or OWB (outside-the-waistband) configurations.

How do I measure my handgun for proper fit in a universal gun holster?

To ensure a proper fit in a universal gun holster, measure the length of your handgun from the tip of the barrel to the back of the slide, and the width at the widest point of the slide. Use these measurements to compare with the dimensions of the available holsters and choose one that accommodates your handgun’s dimensions.

How do I take care and maintain my universal gun holster?

Proper care and maintenance of your universal gun holster will help ensure its longevity and performance. Regularly inspect your holster for signs of wear, including loose stitching or damage to the material. Clean and condition leather holsters according to the manufacturer’s instructions to prevent cracking and maintain a supple texture. Wipe down Kydex and nylon holsters with a clean cloth to remove dirt, dust, and sweat residue.

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